Busy July

posted Jul 31, 2012, 2:20 PM by Debra Krause Dandaneau   [ updated Jul 31, 2012, 2:20 PM ]

Moving means new domestic things:

Birthdays mean loveliness stitched from earlier yarn splurges:

and/or cake:

Blocking and Boxing

posted Jun 14, 2012, 4:28 AM by Debra Krause Dandaneau   [ updated Jun 14, 2012, 4:30 AM ]

Since we are moving this month, it seems like it's not a month to crochet.

Let's, however, note the Simplicity Dress I test crocheted or Little E before going on our housing etc. visit to Kansas.  I'm a bit concerned about the width of the garment... the gauge given was 3 stitches per inch, and while I got that in the swatch, when mine was complete it appeared to have about 4 stitches to the inch.  I think this is a double combo of my tight tension AND the weight of the garment stretching the fabric as it was made.  I steam-blocked the daylight out of it, but it insisted on returning to the narrow gauge.  Ugh.  Thus, I have a narrow & long dress, that will fit little E next spring, rather than two springs from now, and we'll see if we can get her into it then.  (It should have been the size 6, but is now more like a 4.)  I made some adaptations to the garment.  Other testers with models
thought the front panel was too low, so I added a few rows of shells across the top that blended into the open arm scythe, and I put on two buttons  and buttonholes on the that side, rather than one.

Other than that, I predict blocking projects and boxing them (and everything else in the house). 

Yesterday I cleared out another small load from my office (and picked up some FABULOUS banker's boxes for moving from their box-area!)... today I'll clear the remainder (and more of those boxes!).

I also did a large quantity of work on our storage unit.  A number of boxes, the futon frame, the x-mas tree, a room divider... all now at the centralized location.  About two more loads there (the main items being my bike, two bar stools, and a desk chair)... and the huge therapeutic stander to deliver to donation (to the East Tennessee Technology Access Center.  Many of the boxes have more medical supplies for P... and we'll see if they are correct size or also good for donation (although finding the spot for these seems more tricky -- I think I'll ask at P's summer school if they know of an individual who would need them).

I need to take some stock in Tylenol, the back is killing me.

So, it was a break to do a lot of paperwork for E's new school, but when I sent an email saying the application is in the mail, the response back was quick, and there is a reserved spot for her in the class she visited!  Huzzah!

June 1 -- Last full month in K-town begins

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But how was LAST Month?
1)  Work yarn "from stash" or buy yarn only from the LYS.  
            Good!  I think I bought some cheap yarn once, for a test... and that's because I wasn't overly pleased with the pattern, but other than that, I used stash or LYS yarn.  My splurges were through the local yarn score -- Noro and Tropik with a 25% off coupon at the main shop of my favorite LYS (for a completed shawl and sweater!)  ...and then a huge 40% off yarn splurge for holiday presents from the "second" store of my favorite LYS (which will be closing because there just aren't enough customers to support two branches).
2)  Finish 2 crochet projects monthly. 
                Butterfly accent from leftover Ninja yarn.
                Cascades of Color scarf. No photo, itchy yarn.
                Sideways Grande "Croche".   Adapted the knit Sideways for crochet...
                    Purple for the upcoming move to KState!
                    With good feedback on Rav, I'm preparing the pattern!

                Smoothie Shawlette. No photo of it , although it is blocked and wearable.
                Cecile sweater.
Another test, for Joanne Scrace.  Love this one!
3)  Sew once monthly.  
               "Being doctor" to Monkey by hand-repair of his seams doesn't count.

4)  Blog about my projects on Patternreview and Ravelry. 
                Just Ravelry of course... because the sewing was again a bomb.
                and just good, because I haven't updated this blog often,
                or taken great photos of everything...

April Showers ended... yeah, a while ago.

posted May 21, 2012, 2:00 AM by Debra Krause Dandaneau

1)  Work yarn "from stash" or buy yarn only from local shops. 

2)  Finish 2 crochet projects monthly. 

Doll body test,
                Moose-in-the-Woods Hat test WITH matching mitts,
                Ninja Star Shawlette (shown to the right),
                and ALMOST my Isabeau top (needs blocking and belt).

ugh.  all these use non-LYS recent yarn purchases.  Bad me.
3)  Sew once monthly.  
                I "THINK" I did the doll hair this month.... does that small use count?
Will the accents or the need for doll clothes inspire me this coming month?.
4)  Blog about my projects on Patternreview and Ravelry. 
                Just Ravelry of course... because the sewing resolution has been a bomb.
                At least this means I've ceased fabric hoarding...

Mid-April confession

posted Apr 20, 2012, 8:45 AM by Debra Krause Dandaneau

Bad me.  More non-LYS shopping.  I think since the crochet-two resolution has been going so swimmingly, it's made yarn-hoarding kick in.  Bad Bad Bad.  On the cheap, I thought I'd try some sport-weight cotton (Sinfonia) for a practical
shawlette... and
I got some cotton thread for a "Meadow Shawl CAL" that I wouldn't be participating in except for the fact that the Aunt Lydia's was on sale and so colorful on the shelf.  Cotton just seems "summer" and the summer heat was settling in there for a spell.
But there are projects to report.  A test of the Moose-in-The-Woods Hat, which started the whole trip to the cheap chain store (for the purple, the white is from stash)... and some matching Ms. Murdock Mitts.  These are for Little E for next winter... but she was at school, so no modelling.
The Moose-in-the-Woods Hat was a good foray into real colorwork, which I hadn't explored before.  My real hidden reason for exploring this is because I'd love to "replace" (somehow) a very beautiful placemat-size work from Peru (given to me by my friend Jen) that my spouse absentmindedly placed a messy spaghetti-plate on.  Bad Bad spouse.   It ruined one of the four colorwork kitties.  The spaghetti didn't come off in the gentle handwashing I attempted.  Fortunately the one yarn color that "ran" a bit locally during the attempt was that of the already-stained kitty,  so I've saved the piece to salvage and frame the other three... when we finally have the chance to relocate and expand E to her own room.
He's the one that wanted it in the kitchen, but no more placing pretty things anywhere in his reach. 

April begins

posted Apr 5, 2012, 1:40 PM by Debra Krause Dandaneau

Where does the time go?

Resolution report from March:
LYS shopping only:   Bad.  I decided to be a "tester" for a crochet pattern that required worsted-weight cotton, and I stopped at a Hobby Lobby to get it before a day spent at the car repair at the dealer.  The plus is that it saved my sanity during a very obnoxiously bad 2- Day experience at the dealer (note:  the car repair needed to be done by the BAD EVIL dealer because it involved replacing the door locks, a part that can only be obtained through the dealer... not purchased by our local guys).  Then I had to also get myself more of that great and cheap NaturallyCaron Spa they have.  The plus is I felt guilty and went to support a LYS by ordering a set of Dreamz tunisian hooks.  Oh, then I also needed to later get some navy sock yarn (to be explained later)... and I did that at JoAnn's.

2 projects:  Good.  In fact, great.  I completed THREE projects:   My Rohise Skirt, my Leprechaun Lorraine tank... and my little bunny finger puppet. (I also worked on two others that were still in progress at the end of March.)

Sewing:  Bad.  But remedied a bit this month already.  More on that later.

Blogging:  Good.

So onto April:
Projects:  I had to finish my pattern "testing" by April 4... which was for a doll body (requiring that neutral worsted cotton of a particular brand that they have at Hobby Lobby).  The pattern was only for the body.. so I had to figure out my own face and hair (and eventually clothing).  The pattern designer (MaieBloom on Ravelry) did point myself and other testers to a good web-based hair-making tutorial, and I simplified the embroidery a bit by using commercial eyes.  She's had a slight haircut since.  (Why?  I thought she resembled my spouse's ex- spouse a bit... and a naked mini ex- is a bit TOO much for me.)

Sewing:  The hair (using that navy sock yarn I got at JoAnn's) required the use of the sewing machine... and I wanted to add hair and features before completing the doll... so I DID pull out my sewing machine (Monday April 2).  I also hope to give her at least one outfit this month so she can be presented to E, and that will require more sewing machine use.  And a bridge has been crossed, the sewing machine HAS been used for the first time in months... hopefully making future use more likely.   

Blogging:  Obviously some is happening.

LYS:  I completed the purchase of my tunisian hooks this week (aka. they arrived and I paid for them).  I also RESISTED buying more yarn at Joann's when I did use a 40% off coupon for a tunisian crochet book that gets good reviews on Amazon.  

So thus far, this month is off to a good start on all four resolutions.  Let's see if I can keep it that way.

March Madness

posted Mar 19, 2012, 1:23 PM by Debra Krause Dandaneau   [ updated Mar 26, 2012, 6:30 PM ]

I've been crocheting like mad.  I now have three projects done for March... the least of which is this Little Rabbit:

I quickly crocheted him up while I contemplate my next project.  I kinda HAD to do him... since I requested that Justyna ("Just-In" on Ravelry) -- who normally does mini amigurumi patterns -- make one into a finger puppet... and she made this pattern available for FREE.  But he's cute.

My other BIG project that I finished up, using STASH yarn (Huzzah!) was Doris Chan's Rohise skirt.  :

I am a bit worried about the colors in this town (although Florida's orange and blue are brighter)... but seeing as the Denver Bronco's just signed UTK alum Peyton Manning (huzzah!), I guess it'll be ok (really?  It might just bring up the fact that the Titans lost him).  I also like to think of it as "Mozilla Firefox" colors.  But in all actuality, I've always liked burnt-orange near navy.  These yarns have been paired together a lot while exiting my stash, and even now, there's still a bit more left (maybe enough for a "flapper hat" ?)

Leprechaun Days of late February / early March

posted Mar 5, 2012, 12:03 PM by Debra Krause Dandaneau   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 12:17 PM ]

What have I been up to in two weeks of silence?

Well, buying more illegal yarn (against the LYS resolution) to do more presents -- first for E's former "Mom's Day Out" coordinator, Miss Julie, and then well, for myself.  Bad Bad. Bad.  I'll first show these.

To the right is the "Sweet Lorraine" (I'm calling it "Leprechaun Lorraine") scarf for Miss Julie... which is from a free pattern by Doris Chan -- a simple repeat of pineapples that can be used for a scarf, a stole/shawl, or a lacy afgan.  This got great feedback on Ravelry (Favorited over 5 times!).  I think it was a good pairing of yarn/pattern.  I first tried Kristin Omdahl's "Leaf Motif" scarf... but really found that even though the pattern was sponsored by this yarn (NaturallyCaron Spa -- in Green Sheen), it didn't work well.  I used almost exactly 1 ball for this scarf and got 15 repeats.

Next, anticipating the above scarf to be a two-skein project (and buying four skeins because I'm a hideous yarn-addict and told myself I'd make the same scarf twice -- Ha-ha!).. I made myself Laura Gebhardt's "Elfin Tank" from Interweave Summer 2010. Note that I lengthened it two inches in solid extended single-crochet, then added three repeats of the Lorraine Pineapples -- which are also the basis for the edging in Doris Chan's "All Shawl"... and which miraculously had just the right repeat for the tank (which I made with about 1-2 inches of negative ease after deciding the recommended 1-2 inches of ease (as indicated on their model) just wasn't what I wanted.

I have about one third of a skein left.... but I'm putting away this yarn for a bit.

Note:  before the two successful projects, there was a flop.  The first scarf I made for Miss Julie was the Isosceles Scarf in Paton's Lace (colorway "Serene")... but it ended up longer than probably desired and my spouse didn't like the colorway (so two hits were against it).  I'll probably make a hat with the leftover's from that... and donate it somewhere next fall.  I'll show it when I get the hat made.


Resolution reporting:

Project completion resolution -- FABULOUS!  I finished 4 projects in February (the Serene Box Pleat top for myself, and three scarves)... and I'm already done with the first project for March. 

Local Yarn Store resolution:  BAD BAD.  Do note that I still DID buy yarn from the LYS ($70 worth for an upcoming Chai Cardigan)... but I don't know if that justifies my going to Micheal's and Hobby Lobby (because of those darn presents).

Sewing resolution:  BAD BAD BAD.  Although E started full-time daycare today... so hopefully I'll have something better to report this month.  Maybe even a completed project?

Blogging resolution:  good.  A bit of a glitch here at the end... but E "washed" my camera-card adapter in the sink... so I needed to let it dry a few days to insure it didn't blow my card or anything.

Folding Fans blocked and modeled

posted Feb 20, 2012, 1:18 PM by Debra Krause Dandaneau

Here's the folding fans scarf blocked and modeled.  It blocked out to about 48-49 inches in length and 9 inches in width. So...I guess I could have left off the extra two fans, but I didn't want to risk it looking skimpy. 

Sorry it was hard getting a good picture with the lighting today.  It was too bright for the flash to go off inside in my "normal" location by the stairs and too bright outside to keep me from being "squinty" (so I cut off my squinty eyes):

Project 2, February: Miss Kelly's Folding Fans scarf (pre-blocking)

posted Feb 20, 2012, 7:59 AM by Debra Krause Dandaneau   [ updated Feb 20, 2012, 9:20 AM ]

Well, at least a violation of a New Year's resolution resulted in a really quick, really pretty project.  And yes... using the chain store yarn was CHEAP.  Yarn cost was $1.50 per skein, and I used 2.5 skeins, and then if I throw in the ENTIRE cost of the magazine (about $7 if you include tax), the net cost of this is less than $11.  While great to tell the spouse... this makes me ESPECIALLY sad I couldn't make it to the REAL yarn store (since E was in tow AND shopping time was limited).

It is shown below pre-blocking (with a length of about 42 inches).  Yes, the yarn is acrylic... but that just means I'll have to use a gentle steam block... and I generally prefer steam blocking over wet blocking anyways. 

Now, of course, the blocking, and onto my penance:  Finding project 3 for February.

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