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Welcome to Wayne's place on the web! We may be new here but we have

been around since 1994. Our goal is to promote history awareness in Wayne

and the surrounding area. Our goal is to share with all, the rich history and heritage of our local area.

Please feel free to submit your family information, we are here to share!

Welcome to the Wayne Historical Society Webpage! Our goal for this forum is to facilitate the sharing of information regarding Wayne Township history. Our intention is not to take attention away from some of the other fine, long established sites relating to Ashtabula County history and genealogy, but to enhance their efforts with information that is area specific to Wayne Township. Please visit these other sites found on our Links page to take advantage of the great services they have to offer such as surname registry, lookups, queries, research information, databases, publications, maps, county history, and many other valuable resources. Without the information that can be found on the above sites, this one might not exist today.

Navigation of this site has been kept simple to make your experience here as productive as possible. The Wayne Township Historical Society link located at the bottom of every page is a link back to the main page whenever you should need to return here.

Submissions to this page are very welcome and will be what keeps it alive so please do contribute your information! Personal biographies should relate specifically to Wayne Township and be brief, citing sources when possible. Photos should be scanned at a resolution no higher than 100 DPI in order for us to manage the amount of web space we have. Or, send them to us and we will scan the for you, but assume only a reasonable amount of responsibility for their safe return, use your discretion on this, email before sending if you have any questions.  Photo space is limited so your contributions may only be posted on a rotating basis.Genealogy submissions should be in the Genealogy Report format, or send your gedcom file and we will attempt to format it for you. We will use only the portions of the gedcom file that you authorize and all other information will be kept confidential or destroyed, your choice.

Wayne or Lindenville? Wayne Township has always been known as Wayne, the crossroads at the center of the community sometimes called Wayne Center. When the community was first granted it's U.S. Post Office the name Wayne was already in use by another town in Ohio. The name Lindenville was adopted for the Post Office due to the abundance of Linden trees in the area. So, if you lived in Wayne in the early years, your mail was addressed to Lindenville, and the town center was often refered to by the same name. The first Postmaster, Hori Miner, starting in 1825, used his home for many years as the Post Office. It was later located in Jones Store.  Hori Miner served in this position for 24 years. With the coming of Rural Free Delivery, the Lindenville Post Office along with the nearby one at Wick were both closed in 1904.






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