Who We Are

We're your  neighbours! We are a thriving group of Southern Albertans from all walks of life who believe that wholesome, ethically produced food is something to which everybody should access.

Vision: To foster a community that nourishes itself while maintaining a shared desire for health, well-being and a sustainable world.

Mission: To enhance quality of life by providing access to affordable, healthy food in an environment shaped by sustainable living practices that reflect our values.

1. Quality Merchandise - provide quality food and goods
2. Community Advocacy - create opportunities for active involvement in the community
3. Sustainability - promote sustainable production and fair trade of food and goods
4. Local Production - promote and facilitate the distribution of locally produced foods and goods
5. Education - help our community learn more about growing, choosing, preparing and using natural foods
6. Cooperation - follow cooperative principles put forth by the International Cooperative Alliance

Board of Directors:
President - Dave Carlson
Vice President in charge of purchasing - Trent Moranz
Treasurer - Chris Chambers
Secretary - Jenny Burke
Membership Coordinator - Lee Holfeld
Ethics Committee Chair - Jana MacKenzie
Director - Annelies Van Oers
Jana MacKenzie,
Jun 3, 2011, 11:11 PM