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Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Chandler is a highly recommended Dance Studio Sponsor. Lisa Bianco is the owner of the dance studio. The studio is celebrating its 23rd anniversary with the mission 'To enrich the lives of all we come in contact with'. The studio is currently offering our membership an 'Introductory Program of four Private Lessons for $40'.  The studio will be providing the instructors for our club's group dance lessons one to three days prior to each dance. Each lesson will cover one dance step. A variety of dance steps will be taught over the course of a season. Click here to see the scheduled dates, times, location and the dance steps being taught at each lesson. Click here to contact the dance studio.


Alpha Graphics of Mesa, Arizona has been providing all of our printing and mailing services for the last two seasons. With their help we have reduced the cost of mailings and improved the overall quality. Even more importantly, they have helped our club reduce the time and effort of volunteers in generating and distributing seven mass mailings a season. The Alpha Graphics team has worked tirelessly providing design and publishing services for newsletters, invitations, RSVP packets, event tickets, invoices, statements, stuffing and mailing, table tents, display posters and brochures. Their continuing commitment to fast turnarounds has enhanced the club's mission of presenting elegant dinner dance events.  We appreciate their customer service and attention to detail. We recommend their services to all of the clubs in the Sun Lakes retirement community.