There are two ways to enjoy the benefits afforded by our club. One is to be a member in good standing and the other is to be a guest. The Cotillion Dance Club offers several membership classifications to suit a variety of applicant situations. The majority of members are couples in the Sun Lakes retirement communities. We also have limited memberships available for singles, non-residents and sponsors. There are two types of guests. These are 'guests of the club' and 'guests of a member'.

Most of the current members are residents. Member applicants are considered residents when they own or rent, and live full or part time in the Sun Lakes retirement communities bounded by postal zip codes 85248 and 85249. Nonresident members pay a $20 surcharge on annual dues. 

A couple member is two dance partners that share one membership where at minimum one dance partner is over 54 years of age. A single member is over 54 years of age and commits to bring a partner to each dance. A sponsor member is a local dance studio that commits to have an instructor couple and a student couple attend all dances in a season. Student couples are qualified prospective club members. Sponsors are required to provide group lessons to club members during the dance season. Dance ticket prices are the same for all members. Student ticket prices are the same as for guests.

All guests attend dances as a couple.  'Guests of the club' are qualified prospective club members that register online and receive an invitation to a dance from the club. 'Guests of a member' are either house guests or qualified prospective club members. Guest attendance is subject to seating availability. Guest attendance is allocated on a first paid RSVP, first served basis.  

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