December 20, 2016 - Regarding Jean Gates
The Cotillion Dance Club was sadden by the passing of Jean Gates. Jean is survived by her husband Harry Gates. Jean and Harry were friends of Gwen and Paul Vining and attended a dance last season as their guests. They both seemed to really enjoy the dance and formal nature of the affair. They subsequently joined the club and attended the remaining dances of the season. I remember greeting Harry at the ballroom door at the November 6, 2016 dance when he told me Jean wasn't feeling well but insisted he to go the dance and enjoy himself rather than just sitting home. Unfortunately, Jean did not get well. Her condition worsened, and by mid December we were notified that she had been admitted to hospice care at the Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living Facility. A week later she passed away. Jean was an interior designer and had a small business in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jean and Harry had recently moved to Oakwood.  I will miss her enthusiasm for our events. Rest in peace, Jean. 

(byline: Rob Spade)