August 7, 2016 - Regarding Bob Durben
The Cotillion Dance Club was sadden by the passing of Bob Durben (partner of 
Vivian Cox) and long time 
member of the 
Cotillion Dance Club. 
Bob was 
one of the original Sun Lakes Softball 
players and a member of the National Softball Hall of Fame. Bob passed away on July 30th. He was 93. The celebration of life was yesterday at the Methodist church on Riggs Road. There was a poster board with photos placed at the entrance. Many were Cotillion Dance photos of Bob and Vivian. 
We will miss Bob. 
Vivian and Bob brought a wonderful sense of humor to our events and they were constantly smiling! 
They were unable to attend the last few dances of the season. 
The photos below were taken at the November 2015 and January 2016 dances, respectfully. He really had a good time at those dances.  I remember seating Bob and Vivian at the January dance, the last they attended. As we were arriving at their table he asked me, "would you mind getting me a drink, I don't want to waste my energy on the walk to and from the bar, need it for dancing".  We will miss Bob :-( 

(byline: Patricia Wolfe and Rob Spade)
Nov 2015

Jan 2016