We hope this website will support your efforts when implementing coteaching during the clinical practice! In the tabs included above, you will find coteaching bi-monthly newsletters, materials distributed at coteaching workshops, as well as other resources (articles, websites, videos on coteaching).

We encourage you to explore these resources! We are happy to provide additional support via email, phone, or in person.  

Important CoTeaching Workshop Dates: Mark Your Calendars!
  • Coteaching Workshop #1: August 14 (5-7pm at Laguna Middle School)
  • Coteaching Workshop #2: December 11 (during the school day) (cooperating teachers only)
Important Cal Poly Coursework Dates:
  • Early Start: Start of District's School Year - September 14 (teacher candidates at school site Monday - Friday half days)
  • Clinical Practice I: September 20 - District's Winter Break (teacher candidates at school site Tuesdays/Thursdays all day)
  • Part-Time Co-Teaching: Start of District's Return from Winter Break - March 29 (teacher candidates involved in 2 periods & 1 planning period)
  • Full-Time Co-Teaching: April 1 - End of District's School Year (teacher candidates at school site all day, every day)