We hope this website will support your efforts when implementing co-teaching during the clinical experience! In the tabs included above, you will find co-teaching bi-monthly newsletters, materials distributed at co-teaching workshops, as well as other resources (articles, websites, videos on co-teaching).

We encourage you to explore these resources! We are happy to provide additional support via email, phone, or in person.  

Important Co-Teaching Workshop Dates: Mark Your Calendars!
  • Co-Teaching Workshop #1: August 15 (5:15-7:15pm at Cal Poly)
  • Co-Teaching Workshop #2: December 14 (5-7:30pm at Cal Poly)
  • Co-Teaching Workshop #3: March 26 (5-7:00pm at Cal Poly)
Important Cal Poly Coursework Dates:
  • Early Start: Start of District's School Year - September 7 (teacher candidates at school site Monday - Thursday all day)
  • Practicum: September 14 - District's Winter Break (teacher candidates at school site Tuesdays/Thursdays all day)
  • Part-Time Co-Teaching: Start of District's Return from Winter Break - District's Spring Break (teacher candidates involved in 2 periods & 1 planning period)
  • Full-Time Co-Teaching: Start of District's Return from Spring Break - End of District's School Year (teacher candidates at school site all day, every day)