Cost Workshop in Metagenomics of Bacterial 16sRNA Genes Analysis using QIIME

Nicosia, Cyprus 2018


  • The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) and The Cyprus Institute (CyI) are organizing a four-day interactive training from 5 November to 8 November 2018 at The Cyprus Institute premises in Nicosia, Cyprus. Every day a high-level lecturer will share expertise with the students, focusing on bacterial metagenomics, with theory and interactive hands-on sessions.

  • The theme of the Training School will be: 

        “Metagenomics of bacterial communities in environmental samples” 

Understanding the interaction between microbial communities in different environments is fundamental to answer questions that are related to ecosystem functioning, human health and agroecosystems productivity. High througput sequencing technologies and the increasing generation of sequencing data accelerated the development of advanced bioinformatic approaches and methods through the Metagenome era.
  • The training school will take place at CyI 

  • The training school also features renowned invited speakers from prestigious universities and institutions worldwide.
  • The training school is organized within the framework of the COST Action 16110  "Control of Human Pathogenic Micro-organisms in Plant Production Systems" 

Place:The Cyprus Institute
Event Dates:5 Nov - 8 Nov, 2018

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