Artishop 5 - Françoise's  Theatre Shop has moved to Mount Scopus!!!

Welcome to your own fantasy world!

        Françoise's studio-shop used to be situated in the heart of Jerusalem.
Since last November, she enjoys the facilities of Mount Scopus Hebrew University Department of Theatre.    
       You are invited 
time, any day – not just on Purim or Halloween! - to enter a magical world within the Campus.

        Theatrical costumes, professional make-up, masks, marionettes, hats and crowns of all periods of History and beloved legends of childhood, bridal dresses of dreamland, special evening gowns, modern-looking or traditional, bold or romantic, . . . just ask!

        Do you dream to become for a while a fairy, a goblin or a princess, a bear, a cat or a lion, a noble knight or a king?

                                                      Just ask Françoise!

        If she does not have it ready, she will make it for you on order.

        See other pages of this Web site and click on section icons to explore Françoise's creations . Photographs posted on the Web site have been taken by Françoise unless otherwise stated.

Theatre costumes, masks, make-up and marionettes can be rented, purchased or ordered from:


Françoise Coriat


tel: 050-728-1789


This is the landscape I can enjoy every day now!



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