Mud or Excrement – A lumpy mix of equal parts of:

1.       Acrylic Paint in burnt umber, with little dabs of raw umber and green

·         Unusual excrement colors can be made by mixing in either white, yellow and/or green

2.       Lumpy stuff like sawdust or polystyrene beads

·         Once it dries, sawdust tends to make a rough mixture that can scratch actors, so be careful where you put it

3.       Acrylic Glaze

·         A “wet” look can be achieved by coating the dried “poop” with an additional layer of glaze

Washable Stage Blood- by Tom Main

·         ¼ to ½ cup of Hershey’s Cocoa powder

·         Large Bottle of Karo Corn Syrup

·         1-2 tsp red food coloring

o   Add water to above mix to thin to desired consistency

o   Clean with Oxiclean