Links to Online Information on Distressing

Spray Dyeing with Procion Dyes:

Fabric Spray Paint has short video tutorials on using their products under “Tips and Tricks”:

About Com:  Simply Spray Fabric Paint – Fabric Dye Kits Review:

Surface Application Recipes for PROCION or other Fiber Reactive ("cold water" type) Dyes  by Susan Druding:

Distressing Fabric at Alley Cat Scratch’s LOTR site:

Distressing a Man’s Shirt to Age a Costume is a chapter I wrote in my MA thesis in 1985, most of which is still applicable:

Stage Directions: “Everything Old is New Again”:

Todd’s Costumes; How To Distress Leather Gloves:

Distressing and Weathering section of the DH2 Site:

Costume Distressing Guide on Keep To The Code (POC Fan site):

Utinni’s How to Dirty Your Sandtrooper Armor Tutorial

Distress Signals: How to add character to your clothes

Google Answers: Distressing Jeans:

How to Rip Your Own Jeans

How to dye a black t-shirt to give it a more vintage distressed look:

Costume Crafts at 40 below: