Distressing Supplies

    Manhattan Wardrobe Supply,  http://www.wardrobesupplies.com sells the Hand Ruffer tool (ß the greatest distressing tool ever!) , Schmere Sticks and Colored Fullers earth powders and pouncing bags, as well as many other hard to find costume wardrobe supplies.  Schmere sticks and crayons are a cross between shoe polish and wax that can be rubbed onto garments like dirt, but which tend to come out with cleaning. 

    Patin-A http://patin-a-shop.de in Germany, sells Patin Wax (similar to Schmere sticks), Fullers Earth in many colors, distressing tools, powder shooters and sprayers, and some useful artificial muds and oily dirts.  Probably the most varied and comprehensive line of reversible distressing products intended to come out of costumes with cleaning.

    Reel Creations http://reelcreations.com sells Reel L.S. Dirt, a cosmetic developed for the film “Life Sucks” that can be sprayed on actors’ skin, and it instantly falls into the creases to give that grubby living-on-the-streets look. 

    Special Effects Unlimited, Inc. http://specialefxunltd.com sells Movie Paint, a special formula of spray paint used mainly for distressing sets, and other non-porous surfaces, it can be washed off with soap and water. 

    Ghost Ride Productions http://ghostride.com Also sells Schmere Sticks and powders in a kit, and another version of a distressing tool similar to a Hand Ruffer.

    Independent Studio Services http://www.issprops.com  sells Schmere sticks, Shmere Fullers Earth, and Streaks and Tips spray at a low price.

    Cine Shop Expendables http://www.cineshoppe.com/fullers1.htm  in Texas has the lowest price on bulk Fuller’s Earth in colors, they also sell Streaks and Tips.

    Angels Wardrobe Supplies http://www.wardrobesupplies.co.uk  in London also sells Shmere products, and Schmutz (another similar series of waxy distressing sticks) as well as other distressing supplies.

    Fabric Spray Paint http://www.fabricspraypaint.com Sells a wide variety of permanent crafters spray paints for fabric and upholstery.  The most suitable colors for distressing are in their upholstery paints, which they sell in bulk.  They also sell a small 3 can “camo” kit that would be a cheap and easy kit for distressing 1-2 costumes.

    Dick Blick Artist’s Materials http://www.dickblick.com Sells Procion MX dyes and companion chemicals, oil sticks (permanent oil paint in crayon form), airbrushes and a wide selection of airbrush dyes and paints. They have seven stores scattered around California, beside many more nationally.

    Western Costume Co. Wardrobe Supply: http://lawardrobesupplies.com  sells Schmere sticks and powders, stage blood and bulk RIT dyes.

    Filmtools http://www.filmtools.com/fullersearth.html  Sells pyrolite (a Fuller’s Earth substitute) in 50lb bags at an impressively low price, and disposable shoe covers for keeping spray paints off one’s shoes.

    Fiebings http://www.fiebing.com Leather dyes and paints, spray glycerin, antiquing materials good for not only leather, but many “undyeable” plastics and fabrics.

    Tandy Leather http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com Eco-Flo leather dyes, paints and antiquing fluids.

    dries into Fuller’s Earth powder, for making temporary dust stains on plastics and other non-porous costume props that won’t take Fuller’s Earth in powdered form.

    Antex Fabric Master http://www.antexcraft.com/fabric.htm sells the Antex Fabric Master heating Iron for distressing fabric in the UK. 

    Theatrical Shop Makeup http://www.theatricalshop.com/makeup/hair.html  a large selection of colored hairsprays, Ben Nye powders, and other makeup products.