6th meeting and third workshop in Turku, Finland

                         3rd Workshop on Adolescents and Social Media: Guidelines
                                  and Coping Strategies for Cyberbullying
                                                                     Friday May 13th 2011
                       University of Turku, Main Building, Tauno Nurmela Auditorium,
                                                            Turku, Finland
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Aims of the workshop          

Cyberbullying refers to bullying and harassment of others by means of new electronic technologies, primarily mobile phones and the internet.  There has been much research and action on traditional forms of bullying in schools, with some success, but cyberbullying has arisen and increased in the last few years. Researchers, pupils, parents, teachers, unions, and local, regional and national authorities, are all in various ways starting to grapple with the issues involved in cyberbullying, in consultation with mobile phone companies and internet service providers.  There are also positive uses of new technologies for relationships in schools; for example, using a school intranet for peer support services. 

COST Action IS0801 aims at sharing expertise on cyberbullying in educational settings, and coping with negative and enhancing positive uses of new technologies.  Three working groups within the COST-action devoted their time to generate expertise regarding guidelines, successful coping and positive use.

The aim of this workshop is to share this expertise:
(a) What do we know from empirical findings about successful coping strategies against cyberbullying?
(b) What guidelines against cyberbullying exist in different countries and how should they be adapted?
(c) How can positive use of new technologies enhance positive relationships in educational settings?
The workshop combined with poster presentations will be of interest for scientists, students, practitioners and other stakeholders
interested in adolescents’ use of social media and cyberbullying.
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