3rd meeting and First workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania

COST ACTION IS0801: Cyberbullying: Coping with negative and enhancing positive uses of new technologies , 
                                           in relationships in educational settings.                             

Workshop 1:  Cyberbullying: Definition and Measurement August 22–23, 2009, at Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania   

Abstract Book :  Cyberbullying: Definition and Measurement Download                                         

Plenary session presentations

·         Peter K. Smith “Studies of cyberbullying in Europe - progress and challenges”  Download

·        Michele Ybarra  “Issues of language and frequency in measuring cyberbullying: data from the Growing up  with Media survey”  
·         Phillip Slee and Barbara Spears “Defining cyberbullying: Insights and Issues from an Australian qualitative study” Download 
      and additional file Download 
·         Donna Cross "National prevalence study of cyber bullying in Australia: Measurement andfindings”  Download

Group discussion reports

·         Discussion Group 1: Definition & Measurement issues of Cyberbullying: Catarina Katzer          Download

·         Discussion Group 2: Prevalence and Surveys: Jaczek Pyzalski                                                  Download

·         Discussion Group 3: Risk factors and Correlates of Cyberbullying: Anja Schultze-Krumbholz   Download

·         Discussion Group 4: Interventions and Preventions Strategies: Ersilia Menesini                         Download