Workshops and Conferences

·     Conference in Lodz, Poland, April 2009. Electronic aggression among youth – the new manifestation of old phenomenon? ,organised by Dr Jacek Pyzalski.
·     Workshop 1: Vilnius, Lithuania, August 2009. Cyberbullying: definition and measurement, organised by Dr Rita Zukauskiene.
·    Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, October 2009. Social Media for Children: Cyberbullying and Media Literacy, organised
by Dr Katia Mihailova.
·    Workshop 2: Antwerp, Belgium, May, 2010. Legal ıssues regarding cyberbullying. Organised by Dr Heidi Vandebosch.
·      Conference in Florence, Italy, October 2010. The always-on-generation: risk and benefits of new technologies, organised by
Professor Ersilia Menesini.
·    Workshop 3: Turku, Finland, May, 2011.  Adolescents and social media: Guidelines  and coping strategies for cyberbullying, organised by Professor Maritta Valimaki.
·   International Conference in Dublin, Ireland, November, 2011. Bullying at school: Sharing best practice in prevention and intervention, organized by Professor Mona O’Moore.
·  International Conference in Paris, June, 2012.  Cyberbullying, organised by Professor Catherine Blaya.Click for details
·   International Conference in Vienna, October, 2012. Bullying and Cyberbullying: The Interface between Science and Practice, organised by Propfessor Christiane Spiel. Click for details



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