Management Committee Meetings


The Management Committee (MC) guides the activities of the Action and makes executive decisions within the framework of the COST guidelines. It normally meets twice per year.  It comprises 1 or 2 representatives from each participating country; a nominated substitute may stand in for a full member from that country.  In addition there may be approved members from countries outside COST, who are on MC in a non-voting capacity. Much of the activity of the Action is overseen by Working Groups (WGs). These are elected from the MC membership; each full MC member is expected to contribute to one WG. There are six Working Groups.


Management Committee meetings (MC meeting)


  • 1st MC meeting : in Brussels, Belgium October 22, 2008     Download
  • 2nd MC meeting : in Lodz, Poland April 23, 2009                Download
  • 3rd MC meeting : in Sofia, Bulgaria October 23, 2009         Download
  • 4th MC meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, May 25, 2010           Download
  •  5th MC meeting in Florence, Italy, October 22, 2010           Download
  • 6th MC meeting in Turku, Finland, May 14, 2011                 Download
  • 7th MC meeting in Dublin, Ireland, November 11, 2011      Download 
  • 8th MC meeting in Paris, France, June 30, 2012                  Download
  • 9th MC meeting in Vienna, Austria, Ocotber 20, 2012         Download