Selenium versus the radicals...

Selenium - scarce and powerful trace mineral.
Water solluble, non-metallic essential element - Selenium.
Eponymous of the Moon Goddess, Selene.
Most poisonous when natural, yet safe enough in brocolli.

Selenium protects us from "free radicals".
Those vagabonds of nature.
Free radicals - carpetbaggers in our energy chain.
Dangerous, disastrous free radicals.
Fragments of a broken molecule,
They are highly activated, abnormal, antagonistic...

Free radicals - with their atomic electrons they scream:
"We are unbalanced!"
Fanatical free radicals, oxidising our bodies,
Burning up our naked, uprotected cells,
Turning them to water.

But...out on the far horizon,
Racing to our rescue comes - Selenium.
Selenium to motivate our enzymes, cajole them and uplift them.

Glutathione peroxidase and co-enzyme Q
De-activate free radicals - Selenium will see us through.
Selenium, Selenium, so many ways it's good for us;
There's lots of it in brewers' yeast, in onions and asparagus.
It's been proved for anyone with testicles
To keep them both in trim.
You need Selenium, Selenium - the mineral for men.

Selenium removes the heavy metals from our system.
They've been removed for all my life -
Can't say I've ever missed 'em.
Selenium, Selenium - for each and every one of us.
So don't forget the brewers' yeast, the onions and asparagus.