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Wordsmithing - the art of juggling words to get messages across, to engage and to entertain. 

My name is Jim Costello. Since 1980 I've been working with words for a living: initially for magazines, newspapers and newsletters, such as New Scientist and Ideal Home, as sub-editor, journalist and editor and, since 1986, as a freelance writing resource. 

Twenty-five years ago may well seem like the Dark Ages - when typewriters roamed the earth - but the fundamental principles remain the same: a story to tell and an audience to reach. Whether as hard copy or on-line, the goals have not changed:to be clear, informative and concise. 

I aim to achieve them with each commission for every client, based on experience and an enthusiasm for effective communication.

The links on the right lead to some examples of my wordsmithing - commissions and musings.

Take a look - maybe they will strike a chord with you and for your business needs. 

Jim Costello

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