Ongoing Research Projects


A randomized experiment looking at the impact of providing microfinance to poor and otherwise excluded individuals. 

Early Childhood Development: 

A set of projects designing interventions in early childhood and evaluating them using randomized experiments.

Apprenticeship Training and Wages

A dynamic model of apprenticeship choice, wage growth and job mobility over the life-cycle using German administrative data

Education, Life Cycle Labour Supply and Welfare Policy 

A dynamic model of education choice and female labour supply over the life-cycle allowing for experience effects on wages and accounting for the tax and welfare system.

Improving Education Quality in Developing Countries - Senegal

We consider the effectiveness of a project-based improvement in school quality in Senegal based on a randomized experiment

Education Policies In Equilibrium

We estimate an overlapping generations model of education choice and labor supply with altruistically linked families to analyze the impact and interplay between private and public funding of education

Education and Health

We examine the effect of an reform that increased compulsory education and health outcomes later in life

Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital

We explore the intergenerational links in health and education by combining Swedish survey and administrative data

Matching, Sorting and Wages

In this set of projects we study wage and employment determination in an environment with search frictions and worker/job complementarities.

Wages and Informality in Developing Countries

We use an equilibrium search model where firms choose to locate in the formal or informal sector and unskilled workers search randomly for jobs. We use the model to evaluate the impact of policies towards informality.

The Effect of Education Policy on Crime: An Intergenerational Perspective

We examine the impact of a reform increasing compulsory education on crime outcomes for those affected by the reform and their children.