The photos of Costa Rica accommodations and scenery on this site were taken by me over a 20-year time frame. They vary from old, grainy scanned images taken by film cameras to new mega-zoom digital photos. Many of the bird photographs, however, were taken by friends who accompanied me with better equipment and better skills or friends who have been to the same places. Some recent bird photos, however, are my own. Most of my personal bird photos here are hummingbird and antbird pictures. Most of the sloth and monkey photos are also mine - mainly because they are easier subjects.

Besides my wife and I, photographers whose images I've used on this site include Greg Lavaty, Bruce Hallett, Lora Render, Sheridan Coffey, Annika Lindqvist, Carrie Steingruber, and Julie Mobley.

There is now a selection of lightweight digital mega-zoom cameras that cost less than $500 and have 30x lenses. Fujifilm, Sony, Panasonic, and Canon seem to have set the standard. These digital cameras are in no way as good as the finer DSLR cameras, but they have improved image stabilization over the years and can take good pictures at astonishing distances. They are lightweight and significantly less expensive than the typical DSLR cameras.

White-throated Mountain-Gem by Annika Lindqvist - Image taken with a Canon SX40 digital camera.

The better DSLR cameras by Canon and others come at the expense of much bigger size and weight. The trade-off has never been worth it for me, but photography, like birding, is a hobby with some addictive characteristics.

A small number of my own pictures were taken with a Fujifilm HS20. It has a 30x zoom and good image stabilization. The banner picture of the hummingbird on this web page was taken with this camera. 

Video by Johan Chaves. Black-faced Anthrush, Carara National Park.
Photos of Birds by Friends and Associates

For some of best images of Costa Rica birds, see Greg Lavaty's website
Also, see Lora Render's Flickr account on Costa Rica birds

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