Natural Stone, walls, houses, arcs


Muros de piedra natural arcos pilares


Natürliche Steinwände, Bogen, Häuser

all type of natural stone for gardens, houses,beautifull hand cut stone

todo el tipo de trabajo con piedra natural,marjenes,casas...etc


 Hi, we are situated in Spain,Costa Blanca region and we do all types of work with natural stone.We make natural stone walls which are so popular here.Also we make stone wall houses which are very beautifull and have astonishing look.Mainly we build in the Costa Blanca area but also is possible in other areas of  Spain or in other Europian countries by special agreement.Please take a look at some of the pictures of the projects we have done.The truth is that we can do any type of project wich is connected with Natural Stones.For those who dont know the cutting is done by hand.Only in very rare occasions we can use radial cutter usually when some type of arcs are ordered.

For more info plese contact in English,German or Spanish

any quiestions are wellcome!!  consultanos con  preguntas o dudas!