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    COST Actions
    COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, allowing the co-ordination of nationally funded research on a European level. COST is based on Actions. These are networks of national research projects in fields that are of interest to at least 5 COST Countries. Every COST Action has an objective, defined goals and clear deliverables. These are described in a “Memorandum of Understanding”, accepted by the participating COST Countries. The Action achieves results through its cooperative activities: meetings, workshops, short-term scientific missions, etc. Such activities build efficient networks, which often maintain their working relationships beyond the normal 4-year duration of a COST Action. New COST Actions are proposed by the scientists themselves (from COST countries or the European Commission). Currently there are more than 200 Actions running in 9 Domains. Specifically, the Action FP1001 is part of the domain "Forests, their Products and Services".

    For this Action a Chair, a Vice-Chair and a Management Committee (MC), formed by national experts of the signatory countries (at least two from each country), are responsible for the activities of the Action.

    The Management Committee


    Action Chair:       

    Dr. Klemens Schadauer

    Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald

    Seckendorff-Gudent Weg 8
    A-1131 Wien
    e-mail: klemens.schadauer@bfw.gv.at


    Dr. Susana Barreiro

    Forest Research Centre (CEF)

    School of Agriculture

    University of Lisbon, Portugal

    e-mail: smb@isa.ulisboa.pt

    Grant Holder Representative:

    Michael Prskawetz

    e-mail: michael.prskawetz@lebensministerium.at

    DC Rapporteur:

    Prof. Godefridus M.J. (Frits) MOHREN

    Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group, Centre for Ecosystems Studies, Wageningen University

    Droevendaalsesteeg 3

    6700 AA Wageningen


    e-mail: frits.mohren@wur.nl

    Science Officer:
    Dr. Fatima Bouchama
    Administrative Officer:
    Cassia Azevedo