Our Goals

Alabama is very proud to be a new CoSN State Chapter! CALL stands for CoSN ALabama Leaders and is a subgroup of AETA and operates under the AETA Board guidelines. A CALL liaison is appointed by the membership and serves on the AETA executive board.


Our purpose is to empower Alabama K-12 technology leaders. 

Our goal is to increase leadership capacity.  


As an organization we will: 

  • Identify the essential skills of education technology leaders and provide leadership development.
  • Explore global trends, emerging technologies and innovative practices that enable the transformation of education.
  • Create and disseminate information, tools and resources for education technology leaders.
  •  Anticipate changing conditions and evolving member needs.


We look forward to working with key technology leaders, decision makers, and policy makers committed to providing students and staff with the 21st Century Skills necessary to succeed in a global environment.