RA Perspectives

“COSMOS is not just an academic enrichment program, it is a life-changing experience that allows students to grow far beyond what they can imagine. Students get to explore, learn and interact in environments that are new and exciting. I am confident that COSMOS students will leave feeling inspired and motivated to continue on their journey to success.”

--Tatiyana Webb,Program Coordinator 2009-2010 (COSMOS Alumna, 2002)

“I’m excited that I’m a part of the COSMOS program for the second summer, and I am proud to know that the impact of COSMOS opens students’ eyes to the wonders of math and science.”
--Michelle Henderson, Head Women’s RA

“As an RA, COSMOS gives me an opportunity to give back to the program that helped me get acquainted with the UC system. COSMOS also helped me to get where I am, first as a COSMOS student at UC Santa Cruz, and now as a UCI undergrad.”
--Saron Ephraim, Night RA

“It’s my fourth summer with COSMOS as an RA, so I am really connected to the program. I was a 2002 COSMOS-UCI alumnus, in the Robotics and Discrete Math for Computer Science cluster. At the time I was interested in engineering, but I earned my B.S. degree in Biology!”
--Dennis Nguyen, Head Men’s RA

"It's exciting to see just within a few days that the students are already forming great friendships."
--Ameera Sulakha, Head Women's RA

“As a future teacher, COSMOS is a good opportunity to interact with high school students. The program offers so much for student growth and understanding, with everyone coming from different backgrounds. Students develop social skills with peers and professors.”
-- Tanisha Patel, Night RA 


“I've had sand in my hair from playing volleyball and paint on my fingers from the picture frame craft activity, and I stayed up until 2 am making a birthday card for one of my girls turning 17. But it's really rewarding. I have done other programs, but COSMOS is different, the pace is different, and you have more time getting to know the kids. You're responsible for them and want to make the most of our time with them. It gives me energy.”
--Christina Flores, Night RA