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We should... "use the power of photography to overcome our numbness, our lethargy; to use the qualities of the visual
image to move us and reawaken our understanding of the urgency of the issues that confront us". Kofi Annan.
This website promotes the study and creation of multi-subject organised syllabuses for learning about how to function as an involved citizen in a world dominated by issues linking ecology and culture.  These environmental cross-subject, multifaith issues involve defining the integrity of nature at the levels of minds, lives and habits and making plans for conservation managemen to ensure the continued maintenance of an increasingly precious ecological heritage of habitats and their spceies.


COSMOS germinated in the 1990s when a group of Welsh teachers began to move towards a more locally based and neighbourhood focused education.  This idea, under the project title 'Biodiversity Action on Industrial Sites' (BAIS) was funded by the EC LIFE Environment Programme on the premise that traditional subject based teaching is an impediment to making and operating multi-issue community action plans for sustainability.  This led to the creation of the subject of cultural ecology for balancing our use of natural resources with environmental management to maintain them for future generations. The idea was to explore the wider ecological base of communities in an industrialised landscape.  This wider area of conservation is now known as 'ecosystem services'.
To raise their profile, on the premise that all areas of greenery are special to the community that engages with them, these local areas were described as Special Areas of Environmental Conservation.  Every community has at least one such place.
Another cross-curricular approach was to investigate the origins of entrepreneurship and its reinforcement of social inequalities.  This is presented in the menu as a mindmapped notebook under the title of 'Resource Masters and Logisticians' with the aim of answering the question: Has the world of the early industrial revolution any lessons for living sustainable today?.
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