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Winged dinosaurs were 'too heavy to fly' Study shows winged dinosaurs were too heavy to fly. Hmmmmmm, could this be because gravity may have been less in the past? 
Wiki Giraffes Giraffes you say? Indeed. The circulatory system of the giraffe pushes the boundary of what is physically possible for a land mamal in earth's gravity. 
Electric Discharge as the Source of Solar Radiant Energy  Ralph Juergens article in Kronos detailing the possiblity of an electrically powered star. 
Plan for quake 'warning system'  Nasa scientists have said they could be on the verge of a breakthrough in their efforts to forecast earthquakes............ Earthquakes are an electromagnetic phenomina? 
The mystery of the varying nuclear decay Radioactive decay rates are found to be linked to the Sun.... This could definately pose a problem for radio carbon dates ya think? 
Breakthrough Technique Unlocks Secret Of Plasmas Recently, a handful of laboratories have begun work on a new class of plasma so simple that it promises to take our understanding to a new level. 
Origin Of Hiss In Upper Atmosphere Identified Scientists have solved a 40-year-old puzzle by identifying the origin of the intense radio waves in the Earth's upper atmosphere that control the dynamics of the Van Allen radiation belts 
Hubble Sees Graceful Dance Of Two Interacting Galaxies A pair of galaxies, known collectively as Arp 87, is one of hundreds of interacting and merging galaxies known in our nearby Universe.  
Secret Of Plasma Heating Revealed The secret of electron heating in low temperature plasmas has been discovered by the Bochum researchers at the Center of Excellence “Plasma Science and Technology” (CPST) at the Ruhr University. They have found the answer to a question which has been puzzling scientists for decades -- why the electrons in such plasmas are so hot. 
Professor Designs Plasma-propelled Flying Saucer saucers may soon be more fact than mere science fiction. University of Florida mechanical and aerospace engineering associate professor Subrata Roy has submitted a patent application for a circular, spinning aircraft design reminiscent of the spaceships seen in countless Hollywood films. Roy, however, calls his design a “wingless electromagnetic air vehicle,” or WEAV. 
FAST Spacecraft Reveals Fundamental Plasma Wave Emission Mechanism FAST results have major implications for radio astronomy 
Space station upgraded to spot threatening electric fields "The space station is this big, old huge chunk of metal flying through a magnetic field," deputy program manager Kirk Shireman told reporters last week. "There's an electron cloud flowing around the station at all times. And then the station itself generates electricity." 
Quantum Physics Gets "Spooky" This might be a rare case about which Einstein was wrong. More than 60 years ago, the great physicist scoffed at the idea that anything could travel faster than light, even though quantum mechanics had suggested such a condition. Now four Swiss researchers have brought the possibility closer to reality. Testing a concept called "spooky action at a distance"--a phrase used by Einstein in criticizing the phenomenon--they have shown that two subatomic particles can communicate nearly instantaneously, even if they are separated by cosmic distances. 
$1.2 Million Project Funded by The Abell Foundation and Individual Investors  Fusion power might finally become reality! 
Grey Matter vs Dark Matter Thornhill deals numerous fatal blows to the big bang. 
Our world may be a giant hologram Now I linked this in the "Insanity" section because its pure craziness, however this is actually quite the find. The GEO600 is a huge laser interferometer that is experiencing unexpected noise in the laser beam.... Something to be expected if "Aether" is real. Scientists however are busy chalking it up to the universe is a hologram. 
Video: The Scotch-Tape X-Ray Machine "In today's issue, they dedicate several pages to the odd story of a couple of guys at UCLA who've built a machine for unpeeling sticky-tape in a vacuum at the rate of 3 centimeters per second for the express purpose of generating x-rays. "... Considering the production of xrays from tape only takes place in a vacuum, I would think this might have some implications for our ideas of energy creation in space. 
3D Modeling Shakes Up Planet-Formation Theory "Gas-rich planets such as Jupiter and Saturn grew from a disk of dust and gas which eventually crumpled like a piece of paper under its own gravitational instability -- or so one theory goes. Now a computer simulation suggests that this idea falls apart under the turbulent forces within early protoplanetary systems." ... This provides further confirmation of the EU theory of planet formation. 
First X-Rays from a Comet Discovered  "X-rays were never found from a comet before, and scientists had optimistically predicted an intensity that turned out to be about 100 times weaker than the radiation actually detected by ROSAT. Strong changes in the brightness of the X-rays were another surprise. There were pronounced increases and decreases in the X-ray brightness from one ROSAT observation to another, typically over a time difference of a few hours. " While the standard model scientists are suprised, EU theorists predicted it. 
Electrical storm signatures could make tornado test  Tornado hunters may have a new, unlikely ally – electricity. Armed with only an antenna mounted on top of a vehicle and a simple receiver, researchers have been able to pick up low-frequency electromagnetic waves – a possible sign that a tornado is brewing. The frequency of the signal should even be able to tell them the ferocity of the storm. 
Ike’s second warning, hint: it is not the “military-industrial complex” Dwight Schultz comments on government colluding with scientists in a bid to rip off the public 
Scientists in possible cold fusion breakthrough Researchers at a US Navy laboratory have unveiled what they say is "significant" evidence of cold fusion, a potential energy source that has many skeptics in the scientific community.  
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