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Read the largest collection of arguments against Einstein's version of Relativity in existence today:

Editors Note - Due to the imploding economy, horrendous job market, and the fact that I'm a contract employee, I have decided to focus my internet time on blogging about political issues.  As you can tell by this site, I'm pretty pissed off about what is going on right now in America.  I will try to keep this site devoted to my criticism of science, while moving my political ranting to my new blog located here.  This site will take a back burner to my political ranting for a while.  However there is a ton of content here, it should keep you occupied for a good long while.

This site is dedicated to the understanding of the universe we live in.  
The big questions.
Why are we here?
Where are we going?
What is reality?
What is matter?
How did we get here?
Why am I self aware and conscious?
How did the universe begin?
How did life come into being?
If you've found this page, you're probably seeking answers to at least one or more of those questions.
Most of the world's religions believe that the world is very new and the cosmos was created over a period of 7 days by a God.
Most of the scientists believe the universe was created 13.5 billion years ago in a big bang, the cause of which is still unknown.
What you're not told is that prior to the days of Einstein, most scientists believed (for good reason) that the universe displays many characteristics that show it could be ageless, timeless, infinite, and that the creation of matter is a function of space itself.
Why would they have possibly thought that?  I mean the evidence is so clear that a timeless and infinite universe is impossible... isn't it?
Start by reading the "What we don't know" section of this web site to see some counter arguments to Einstein's theories.  What you'll find may shock you.
We urge all visitors to this site to read the open letter to the scientific community published in New Scientist posted here and to watch the tutorial video on cosmology posted here.
Here we bring together journal articles, media, press releases, and commentary from across the web dealing with what we do and do not know about the world around us.  


The Juror's Handbook - it will change your life.  This is MANDATORY reading for all US citizens.  Citizens of other countries should read this as well.

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