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Why, that's just a rumour.  There are no rogues in Ancient Anguish, either, according to the Ancient Anguish Tourism Council.

Basic Tips:
Stealing stuff - Stealing from other players is mostly for the bored and hopeless who think they are getting even with the world by being a prick.  There are a few folks who are an exception to this, but very few.  There are reasonable uses of the ability with some NPC's - but not a lot.  For example, stealing makes getting * **** *** a little more fun.
But like I say, stealing is generally so you can wear your ass as a hat, and maybe to give Brog something to shout about.
Ambushing/Backstabbing stuff - With a proper secondary weapon, you can do a lot of damage with this ability, raise that ability as quickly as you can, and use whatever equipment you can to boost that score.
Tripping stuff - The more hurt the target is, the more easily you will trip it.  That fact makes starting combat with a good ambush all the more important.  Barbed darts and boomerangs will help too -  lower dex means easier to trip.  Maybe consider switching to 'defend riposte' when the opponent is lying down.  And switching back to parry when it isn't...
There is plenty of equipment in the game to boost about any of the abilities that rogues know.  Much of it is sold in their class hall.
A science project to decipher the alert combat secondary weapon damage messages has begun. I might post what I find when it is more complete.  It looks to me like the damage, when there is damage,  is hugely random - from almost nothing to well over thirty points.