About Me

I am a DeepMind research scientist working on applied reinforcement learning, focusing mostly on more efficient control of physical systems.

I started my PhD at McGill's Reasoning and Learning Lab in 2007, under the supervision of Doina Precup. A few years after, Joelle Pineau has become my co-supervisor. They are a great team to work with. Previously, I completed an MSc in computer science at the University of Alberta under the supervision of Rich Sutton and Vadim Bulitko, and a BSc (also in computer science, but with a solid dose of mathematics) from the University of Bucharest. My first "job" after I got my PhD was as a postdoc in mining engineering as part of McGill's COSMO Lab, which was a good opportunity to learn more about modelling systems where humans and nature interact, and to contribute to better mining practices in the process.