Place here a list of collaborators to keep track of everything.

Nico - Non-gaussianity

Alice - Velocity profile reconstruction

Jens - void probability distribution and selection functions

Tim Arlen - Observing Magnetization

Peter Melchior - Weak Anti-Lensing

Peter Papai - Large-scale Anisotropies

Yan-Chuan Cai & Mark Neyrinck - ISW with WMAP

Danny Pan - Contents of voids and comparison

Alex Beck & Klaus Dolag - Magnetic fields in voids

Nicolas Tejos - Ly-a

Barbara Ryden - Dependence on color

Hiranya Peiris - Non-gaussianity

Roya Moyahee - Comparison between sims and observations - largest voids as tests of LCDM

Mike Warren - Generation of large-scale mock catalogs

Alexander Knebe & Gustavo Yepes - catalogs from jubilee sims, comparison with Gottlober's void finder

Klaus Dolag - distances from voids to galaxies, "volume voidness function"