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Being Cosmic

A Terrified Mother, Torn From Her Family, Her Home, and All She Has Known, Brutally Transported Far Away, Placed With Other Bewildered and Panic-Stricken Helpless Souls, Smelling and Hearing Horrible Slaughtering, Not Able to Run Or Escape

Is This What You Want For Your Spiritual Journey?

Being Cosmic is First, Being Compassionate
And, Naturally, It is the Way to Peacefulness
And, Compassion is THE Way to Prosperity

Come Clean.
At least with yourself.
We live in a world of denial, of artifice, of delusional profit-driven brain-washing that seeks to separate us from our kin - our great family of fur, hooves, fins, and to lie to us about "food".

You and I both know instinctively what this fellow living, loving, relationship-oriented kindred spirit above is feeling, is fearing, and only we can help him, and along with helping him, all of them, can help ourselves.

He and she are the reason I am a vegan.
Healthiness, youthfulness, vigor and energy are just secondary pay-offs of eating the diet our human bodies were designed to consume - fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

The torturous and endless nightmarish existence these precious fellow souls are forced to endure in "factory farms" is something that we all must bear in our spirits if we do not ally ourselves with God and with the angels in order to reform the "meat" industry.

Even if you eat meat and/or use dairy, (which is far more cruel to animals than is meat-eating), if only for your own good, you require the food suppliers to be kind to the animals under their control.
If only for your own healthiness, you require food that does not contain harmful chemicals, antibiotics, growth and breeding hormones and the hideous amounts of adrenaline and harmful cortisone that the helpless animals' bodies spew out during the terrorizing time of slaughtering.
To be cosmic, of course, is to be spiritual.
Being spiritual means to do no harm to anyone, let alone to innocent beings who depend upon us to ensure that they receive the humane treatment our laws ensure our citizens that these imprisoned, kind, sensitive beings deserve, even if they end up as "food".

Benefits of Being Vegan:

save the planet - eating green saves our resources, cuts energy, and ensures that our planet can thrive

save starving millions of people - we have the resources to feed every hungry person on earth, IF we eat vegan foods. Then there is enough to share.

vegans are brighter - an unclogged-brain means clear thinking and tests prove this

vegans are more athletically able - studies prove this

vegans are more youthful and live at least ten good, productive, able years longer than meat-eaters and dairy-consumers - studies prove this

vegans keep their good looks, youthful skin, muscle tone, and vigorous energy - yes, studies prove this too

vegans are hotter, sexually - yes, studies prove this too

vegans are able to engage their extra senses much more ably - this is why for time immemorial, all apisirutal adepts have fasted and cleansed their bodies, eating only vegan foods, when they wanted to summon Godly presence and do good works, spiritually - and yes, again, studies prove this also

Einstein said to be vegan - that's enough for me!