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Who Are You

Many times we go through life fast as a ray of light
Forgetting to pay attention on the threads of our inner Self
They are delicate and intertwined 
They require delicatenesses and attention to shine

When they go unnoticed is for lack of awareness
Leading your Self to loose connection and fall into oblivion
The worst oblivion of all, when you forget yourself
And emerge out of your core to the illusory world of reflection

All the things you fear have been there hidden
They are all as unreal as the fear itself
They have no bondage to your awakened being
As you look at them dissolving the mirrors once hidden

That's all they are, mirrors of mental projection
Unreal as it had never existed out of your mind reflection
The issues self imposed, lack of love to oneself
When self esteem goes low and brings lack of connection

The sacred connection to your Divine Self
To you essence Unruled, Free as it can Be
To your wondrous splendid light
That shines across space so vast

There have never been a sparkle so pure
Like your Divine Life
For you have forgotten to see what it IS, what you ARE
And all this time you've been looking for yourself 
While lost in the dark

The dark is but forgetfulness as light is awareness
Dissipate the shadows by looking at what has been hidden inside
Find the path of the inner heart and find yourself as Perfect Almighty

Notice that once you see what is deep inside the shadows tremble
They are being shaken by the light of your perception
As you observe them you know 
That it was never about what other minds could think
But about what you will think of you

As you are the Master of your own orchestra
You command the unruled symphony of your heart
They are just but manifestations of you descent into darkness
The shadows you've feared so far

You are all powerful beings of light, Stars!
Recognize All that You Are
Reclaim your power once and for all
You Are Now healing those scars

Breath in as deep and comfortable you can
Hold it now till you feel it's time to release
Release it all the way out
Hold it till it's time to breath in

Do this as you look inside
Swimming into the deep of your soul
See the waters clearing and shining
Bright sparkles of reconstructed growth

Feel the waters become you and dissipate in this inner ocean
Now reach to all the corners that your waters go
See how far and vast they can be
See yourself as a True Expanded Godly Being and flow

Hear the symphony of your soul
It's intertwined in the threads of colored light
Singing and dancing through space and time
You've reached the core of your Soul

Now look up and see my face
As I touch your heart in my love Embrace
Bringing you back to your longed Home
I've been waiting for so long

I Love You Always!
Receive my love~.*.~

by Radharani~

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