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The Call

~*~Saret ~*~ 
From the abodes of my cosmic dreams I heard your call 
Woke me up to the cying hearts, "mother save us all"  
For the fog of ignorance had obliterated your senses  
And no more did my children see with their Soul  
Or felt with their Divine hearts my dance.

Looked I down deep into universal spheres
Falling in deep to reach my dears
Layer by layer stripped of my Divine attributes
Naked from the Seven garments that my Soul constitutes

Give praises to the Golden Bull of Heaven, the light bearer 
Give praises to the bird God Horus, your savior 
Give praises to the dark Dragon Lord, the Keeper 
For they are the ones that with me constitutes the four

And with foremost intensity give praise to your Self
For ye art Gods... Through the night... Ye art Gods
Listen to the 10 original guardians of the Gates
Love them with your Soul's heart for they fell for you

Every morning embracing the rays of your life giver
Open your arms in reverence to the Sun
Face the light to merge with your own Solar Center
Keeping your mind clear for acknowledgement of your Godhood

Every night merge with the all
Filling with yourself through the void
Embrace the darkness that surrounds you
For in the darkness of space we express our mind's overjoyed

This is not a universe where light is the space
And darkness are the stars
Therefore know ye that in darkness we lay
And in the void we shine our lights
For we are the Art and Darkness is our canvas

Make your backgrounds black so your lights can be seen
Rest your consciousness in the acknowledgement of your Existence
And the existence expressed in the All that IS

I AM for you the Goddess of your Divine Hearts
And You Are All the faces of the Divine
You are made of Who made you
You Are Gods
And first of all You Are