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  • Esoteric Astrologer Phillip Lindsay Phillip Lindsay has been a student and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom and Esoteric Astrology for over thirty years, and is the author of several books.He has presented his work at many spiritual institutions and esoteric education groups around the world, touring extensively since 2001 – as a perpetual traveler and global citizen.Currently, Phillip’s main method of disseminating Esoteric Astrology and the Ageless Wisdom is through his monthly newsletters – received via email subscription and/or accessed on this website. Most past newsletters are in all of his publications. He is also available for international visits and conduct webinars regularly.His website is filled with good astrological and metaphysical infomrationwebsite link
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  • Mountain Astrology Magazine Blogs Mountain Astrology Magazine puts out one or more blog post per weekthey are very informative and insightfulMountain Astrologer Magazine is the world’s most recognized and respected Western astrology journal.Each issue has a student section, articles by and for professional astrologers, a forecast section, daily aspects, the astrology of world events, astrological data and more. to find out more:Mountain Astrology Magazine Blog home
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  • Astrological energies by Sher InstituteA Mystery Schoolastrology linkWelcome to the Sher Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics! We offer astrology, meditation and other spiritual classes at different levels of experience and knowledge. We also provide holistic astrology consultations and spiritual counseling. Currently we have two locations, one in Sherman Oaks and the other in Culver City. The nature and structure of our classes foster an intimate environment for students to connect not only to the material but to one another.
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  • Astrology and the North Node: Destiny, potential, and lessons By ElsaElsaWhat to make of the astrological North Node? First, let’s talk about the technical parts of the astrological North Node. The North Node is not a planet. And, it is not a house, such as the twelve astrological houses that were set up. It is a mathematical point where the moon’s orbit intersects with the ecliptic. The same can be said of a person’s South Node sign. To simplify, your North Node is in the opposite sign, and house, of your South Node.But there’s a deeper meaning of the North, and South, Nodes. They are extremely spiritual in nature. Barring the technical aspects of astrology, they represent your life lessons. If Earth was ...
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  • What Will Uranus in Taurus Bring? by Steven ForrestWith its eighty-four year orbit, Uranus – the fabled Lord of Earthquakes and Lightning Bolts – enters a new sign of the zodiac about every seven years. As befits its dramatic title, when it enters a sign, any area of life connected with that symbol is due to hit some choppy air. Underlying the “chop,” however, is a deeper process: old, outdated structures are shaken to make way for breakthroughs and pulses of evolution. As befits the lightning bolt metaphor, these pulses can happen very rapidly. Like earthquakes, they can, in the blink of an eye, change the shape of the landscape forever.What does Uranus’ entry into Taurus portend for us, both as human societies and as ...
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