Friends of the Cosmic Campground

AAH NM 180 MP 37 - 38 Friends of the Cosmic Campground
[Photo by Patricia Grauer]

To Become a Friend of the Cosmic Campground

Being a  Friend of the Cosmic Campground means
that you are willing to publicly support the project. Hopefully you will use the facility and write letters supporting it.
Friends in Chief of the Cosmic Campground
Bill McCabe 
Pat Morrison
Patricia A. Grauer []

Friends of the Cosmic Campground
[in order of receipt of request to be a Friend of the Cosmic Campground]

Patricia A. Grauer []
Dr. Al Grauer Silver City, NM []
David Thornburg
Sam Fry
Shelby Hallmark  Silver City 
Kent and Karen DeGroff
Rich Wright
Lois Fuller  Glenwood, NM
Bob Bryant Silver City, NM
Kathy Anderson Silver City, NM
Dr. Daniel A. Klinglesmith III
John Love Whitesboro, TX
Matt Wilson
Robert Robinson
Andrew N. Messent
Jeffrey Deal
Phyllis Deal
Steve Barkes, Las Cruces,NM [ASLC]
Robert Kimball, Las Cruces,NM
Durelle Freeman, Glenwood, NM
James Laws, Glenwood, NM
Robert Hisey
Fritz Kleinhans, Indianapolis, IN
Stewart S. Warren, Silver City, NM
Terri Rolland, Santa FE, NM
Michael (Miguel) Schulte. Silver City, NM
Thillai Nayagi Selvakumar, San Jose, California
Steven Miller   Orlando, FL
Mark Watson Houston, TX
Brenda Spivak Louisville, KY
Joseph Matthews

Letters of support are extremely helpful. Send them to:

District Ranger Erick Stemmerman  
Glenwood Ranger District
18 Ranger Station Drive
PO Box 8
Glenwood, NM 88039
[p:575 539 2481]

If you would like them published on this website email them to