Star Wheels

Star Wheels

1. Print the images obtained from:
and print the result.
They should look like those below:

Card stock paper works best. 
Use the thickest paper you have. 

2.  Carefully make the cuts as shown below

3. Carefully fold the bottom on a straight edge as below
This fold needs to be done right on the dotted line.

4. Make the right and left folds turn it over and tape the
the tabs making the pocket

5. Turn over, insert wheel, dial date, and standard time
and put on the large paper clip.

You have just made your star wheel.

6. To use your star wheel you need to make a red written plastic filter for your flashlight and attach it with a rubber band. You should be able to view your star wheel in a dark area with this arrangement.  Your night vision will be at its best if you do  not look at a white light for at least 30 min.
Red Filtered Flashlight
You need to do the same for your cell phone or keep it off  to enable your eyes to see the comets. If you look at white light from your cell phone you will not be able to see the comets for 20-30 minutes.

7. Out under the night sky with little or no Moon visible.  Face North and hold your star wheel so the northern horizon is to the bottom.

9. Make friends with some of the bright stars.
Take a friend along.