Donate To The Cosmic Campground

Cosmic Campground has a hard surface road and  group observing area. Accessible toilet and road paid for with RAC (Southern NM Resource Advisory Committee) grants, $50,000 for road and $40,000 for the toilet.

Awards were made to Mr. Bill McCabe and Dr. Albert D. Grauer who submitted proposals.

The Glenwood Ranger District of the Gila National Forest under the direction of retired Ranger Pat Morrison  made  "in kind" contributions for development of the Cosmic Campground.

Ranger Debbie Cress of the Glenwood Ranger District, supported our proposal to the RAC  resulting in a grant to Dr Albert Grauer of $40,000 for purchase and installation of an accessible toilet at the Cosmic Campground. This toilet has been installed. An additional toilet on site will, also, be finished. District Ranger, Debbie Cress is now moving forward with completion of the Cosmic Campground. 

Glenwood Ranger District was responsible for:

NEPA required environmental assessment
Cultural resource inventory
Biological assessment
Assistance in design and planning

>>>  Cosmic Campground is now accepting donations to purchase materials necessary for completion of the Cosmic Campground. 

Fencing for parameter

Accessible tables/cooking grills

Necessary pads for setting up and aligning of telescopes. Level surface with grid to align with due north.

Ramada to provide a shaded gathering space 

Permanent facility with roll-off roof to house on-site telescope.

Amphitheater with seating built into side of hill. This will be used for education and group activities.

The facilities are, also, available for use by the general public. Hunters, horsemen, families  wishing to hold family get togethers, educational groups and others wishing to hold star parties are welcome to use the facility. Contact Glenwood Ranger District for further information.


Friends of The Cosmic Campground
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