Visitor Information

Sign the visitor log near the observing area

This is very important since the US Forest Service views this as a key indicator of campground usage.  The more people that sign in the more likely it is that the US Forest Service will add a Pavilion and other necessary improvements.

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Cosmic Campground 8 miles north of Alma, NM off US 180

33°28'46.71"N 108°55'22.66"W Elevation 5360ft

Respect Your Fellow Stargazers

A brown Forest Service sign opposite the entrance to CCIDSS is located about half way between mp 37-38 marked by the AAH 'Friends of the Cosmic Campground' signs.

Turn, cross the cattle guard and drive 1.3 m. Arrive at CCIDSS.


You are guests of the Gila National Forest

You are responsible for your children and pets.

Experience:     Natural Night Sky

Milky Way Rising over the Gila Wilderness

Star Clusters, Galaxies, Planets and More

Bring: Binoculars, or a Telescope if you have one

An open mind to visually explore the natural night sky horizon to zenith.

Food and Water [local markets & restaurants are good but limited hours]

If you Need it/Bring it

Full tank of Gasoline [local gas stations close early/fill up on way]

Folding chairs, folding table if you want one, etc

Camping Equipment to stay the night

Please Respect Your Fellow Stargazers: 

NO Headlights or white lights after dark. 

Night vision is required to enjoy the Natural Night Sky.
If you look at white light from your flashlight or cell phone 
you will not be able to enjoy the wonders of 
the natural night sky for 20-30 minutes.

NO Parking on the Observing Area 

NO Camp fires on observing area or other hardened surfaces

NO Generators from 7PM till Noon.

NO White flashlights 

NO Drones

Your Flashlight

You need to make a red written plastic filter for your flashlight and attach it with a rubber band. You should be able to view star maps etc in a dark area with this arrangement.  Your night vision will be at its best if you do  not look at a white light for at least 30 min.
You need to do the same for your cell phone or keep it off  to enable your eyes to see faint objects. If you look at white light from your cell phone you will not be able to enjoy the wonders of the natural night sky for 20-30 minutes.

Glenwood Ranger District

District Ranger Erick Stemmerman  
Glenwood Ranger District
PO Box 8
Glenwood, NM 88039
[p:575 539 2481]

Places to Stay, Fuel,Eat, and More

 Alma [ 8 miles south]

 Glenwood [13 miles south]

 Pleasanton [15 miles south]

 Reserve [24 miles]

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  Natural Night Sky Country

Place  To Shower In Glenwood

 Double TT Homestead [13 miles south]