A- Basic Information

Program (s) on which the course is given:

Bachelor of pharmaceutical Sciences

Department responsible for offering the course:

Department of Pharmaceutics and       Industrial Pharmacy

Department responsible for teaching the course:

Department of Pharmaceutics and       Industrial Pharmacy

Academic year

Fifth year - First term

Course title and code

Cosmetic Products


Contact hours (credit hours):

Lecture: 2,   Practical:0,   Total: 2

Course Coordinator

Professor dr. Omaima El Gazayerly

B- Professional Information

The course aim and intended learning outcomes are based on those mentioned in the program specifications, with more course-related specific details.

1 -    Overall Aims of Course

After completing the course, the student should be able to understand the concept of cosmetic and dermatologic preparation, appreciate the safety concept of cosmetic preparation, understand the new trends in cosmetic/dermatologic industry and know the therapeutic and medical applications of cosmetics as well as protection from their side effects .


2 - Intended Learning Outcomes of Course (ILOs)

a-  Knowledge and Understanding:

By the end of this course the student will be able to:

1 -    Learn about the description of human skin and hair and their function

2 -    Identify types of cosmetics preparations

3 -    Recognize the safety considerations for use of these products in medical applications and therapy

4 -    Identify role of cosmetician and dermatologist in the treatment of different skin disorders.

b-   Intellectual Skills

By the end of this course the student will be able to:

1 -    Assess the physical and chemical stability for different cosmetic products.

2 -    Predict the effect of various skin care products on different skin disorders.

3 -    Elucidate the hazards of misusing of Cosmetics products.

c-    Professional and Practical Skills

By the end of this course the student will be able to:

 1-Differentiate between different types of cosmetics and their medical application                    

 2-To modify the cosmetic products to achieve the optimum formulation.

3-Assess quality of cosmetics products


d-   General and Transferable Skills

1 - Assess problems

2 - Interact efficiently with others


3- Course Contents


Lecture Hours

Introduction to Cosmetics


Moisturizers and Emollients Preparations


Cleansing preparations


Antiaging preparations




Sunscreen products


Artificial Tanning and Bleaching agents


Deodorants and antiperspirants


Hair and its structure


Hair Products


Skin peeling


New Trends in Cosmetics


Make up technology




3 - Teaching and Learning Methods

*      Lectures


4 - Student Assessment Methods

*      Written to assess ...Knowledge and Intellectual skills

*      Assignment to assess ...Problem solving skills

*      Quiz to assess ...Theoretical background


Assessment Schedule

Assessment 1… Quiz                       Weeks 10

Assessment 2 … Assignment          Week 5

Assessment 3… Written                  Week 15


              Weighting of Assessments

Mid-Term Examination                     0%

Final-term Examination                   80%         

Semester Work                              20%

Other types of assessment                0%

                 Total                                       100%             Marks 100


5 - List of References

 Course handouts

·      Prepared by staff members and supervised by course coordinator.

Essential Books (Text Books)

- The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics, M. Schlossman (Editor), Allured’s Publishing Corp., USA, Vols. 1 (2001)

 - Cosmetics and Personal Care, R. Schueller and P. Romamouski (Editor),

 - Cosmetics: Science and Technology, M. S. Balsam and Edward Sagarin

(Editors), Krieger Publishing Company, Malabar, Florida, USA, 2 nd Ed., Vols. 1-

- Handbook of Cosmetic care , 2 nd Ed.,2009


Recommended Books

·         Harry’s Cosmeticology

·         Remington Pharmaceutical science.


6 - Facilities Required for Teaching and Learning.

1 -    Computer equipped with projector

2 -    White board

Course Coordinator                                                                                          

Prof. Dr. Omaima N. El-Gazayerly

Approved by:


Prof. Dr. Omaima N. El-Gazayerly

Head of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy Department