Videos & Webinars

The following are selected links to free, online webinars and webcasts focused on religion. They are representative of organizations and individuals collaborating and sharing using modern information technologies & tools.
  • AdventSource Webinars -  Online Webinars and webcasts for pastors and ministry leaders.
  • Billy Graham - Video of his speech at the TED Conference in 1998 on the benefits and limitations of new technologies.
  • Global Gospel Recordings Network - Seeking to effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, through audio recordings, to all peoples in their own language.
  • GodTube - A video sharing platform offering faith-based, family friendly content.
  • - Bringing the stories of the Old and New Testament to life by providing 3D tours & maps of many significant landmarks in the holy city.
  • Northland Church Webinars - A living example of how webinars, webcasts, and technology can  be used to expand the reach of a church so to serve others around the globe.
  • Open Culture - Links to selected audio & video courses offered online by various universities focused on Religion and Philosophy.
  • PBS: From Jesus to Christ - A series of videos by PBS about the epic story of the rise of Christianity.
  • YouTube & Church Technology - A wide range of free YouTube videos on the use of new technologies by Churches.
  • YouTube Videos on 'Open Source' Software - A wide range of videos on YouTube about free & open source software (FOSS).

Church Web Sites

Most churches are no longer wondering if they should have a web site. In fact, the vast majority of the 300,000 churches in the U.S. have some basic web presence, and many churches are building out the third or fourth revision of their sites since they were first launched years ago.     -   See eMinistryBasics

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YouTube Global Missions via the Internet

                A YouTube video by Campus Crusade on how the Internet can be used by churches for global evangelism.

Open Video Tools

There are a number or organizations and projects focused on open source video standards, software tools, and more. Check out the following:

* Check out the free and 'open' software tool from Go! Animate that can be used to create animated videos for children's lessons and more.