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The following are links to selected mobile technology web sites with free or low cost religious apps for smartphones, as well as links to related mobile technology organizations and religious technology news sites.

Mobile App Stores
Christian Apps
  • Bible App for Kids - A popular free and open source app for kids.
  • Catholic Tech Talk - Provides links to mobile apps of particular interest to the Catholic church community.
  • GloBible - Mobile app with full text Bible, sermons, references, maps...
  • iBreviary - Catholic prayers and rituals; the Daily Missal; full texts of the Liturgy; Mass readings; and more.
  • Olive Tree - Offering free eBooks, Bibles, study guides, mobile software apps for a range of mobile devices.
  • Open Prayer Book -  A free app providing access to collection of prayers and liturgies from across the web for your Android device.
  • PocketSword - A free Bible study app for the iPhone & iPad that can be downloaded from iTunes.
Other Religious Apps
Mobile Technology Organizations
  • Open Handset Alliance - Technology companies coming together to accelerate innovation in mobile solutions for consumers.
  • Open Mobile Alliance- Representing the world's leading mobile operators, device & network suppliers, information technology companies and content providers.
Mobile Technology News

Mobile App Development Tools

YouTube Example of a Religious Mobile Apps

There are now free or low cost religious mobile apps for many of the world's religions that work on the varying brands of smartphones.

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Religious Knowledge Quiz

How much do you know about religion? How do you compare with the average American? Here's your chance to find out. - Religious Knowledge Survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Next Generation Mobile Apps

Next-generation mobile apps will allow users to retrieve service times at their local church or synagogue, communicate with other members of the congregation via a mobile social network, access live streaming or recorded audio/video services, and receive updates and individualized prayers. Add on the ability to organize events, sign up for classes, and make contributions or tithe directly from a smartphone and voilà!  -- you're seeing an example of next generation of mobile religious apps.  Read more at Huffington Post.