The following are selected links to free or 'open copyright' books on religion that are online. Links to organizations and web sites that let you collaborate on writing and distributing 'open' eText Books are also provided.
  • 40 Days & 40 Bytes - The Alban Institute, 2004 - Making computers work for your congregation.
  • Amazon.Com - Listing of books on web empowered churches, high-tech churches, the wired church, etc.
  • BibleGateway - Offering Christian eBooks and the free CBD reader software for your PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.
  • Bible in America - History, research, and links to key Bible resources.
  • Bible Study Tools - Offering one of the world's largest free libraries of online Bibles & Bible study resources.
  • The Cathedral & The Bazaar A ground breaking book on 'open source' solutions - 2001.
  • ChristianBooks.Com - Providing listings of books on innovative high-tech churches, the wired church, the church in the 21st century, etc.
  • Church Distributed - An alternative model for churches focused on collaboration, relationships, sharing, interaction...
  • Free Religious eBooks - A web site that allows you to download a range of  religious books from different religions.
  • OER Commons Textbooks - Information about open textbooks offered through Open Education Resources (OER) Commons.
  • Olive Tree - Free eBooks, Bibles, study guides, mobile software apps, and more.
  • Open Sources 2.0: The Continuing Revolution - October 2005, Voices from the 'open source' revolution that is underway.
  • Producing Open Source Software - A free, online text book on how to run a successful open source software development project.
  • Project Gutenburg - Offering over 33,000 free eBooks that can be downloaded.
  • Rewired - How using today's technology can bring you into deeper relationships and reinforce age-old methods of sharing God's love - 2014.
  • World Digital Library - Providing free and open access to religious texts from around the world, coordinated by the Library of Congress & UNESCO.
* See Wikipedia's entry on Religious Texts

eMinistry Defined

eMinistry is defined as a commitment to leveraging computer tools and the Internet to meeting the needs of the church in such areas as church management, evangelism, training, and other ministries.       See eMinistryBasics

YouTube Video on Multi-Site Churches

A book about online,  interconnected multi-site churches in the 21st century

* Check out the online 'Book of Concord' that contains documents from the 4th to 16th century A.D.  from the Lutheran Church on selected  Christian doctrine and beliefs.

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