The community of religious organizations and individuals developing, implementing, and using  'open source' software, information, and technology continues to grow.  There are now hundreds of sites containing information about religion and information technologies. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours, surfing the web searching and looking at many of  these sites trying to find the best ones - sites that contain useful information; have been around for a while; are high quality, and are regularly updated. I decided to put links to these sites on this web site - primarily to save others from having to spend a lot of their time repeating the same process.  I also wanted to make sure we share these resources with as wide an audience as possible. I hope you find this web site a useful starting point as you investigate the role  'open source' software and associated 'open' technology and solutions for religious organizations, individuals, and yourself.  My intention is to continually improve this web site over time and try and keep this site current and relevant.

Peter Groen is a retired government executive, author, speaker, health informatics specialist, and former instructor at the University of South Carolina and researcher at Shepherd University in West Virginia. 
He has been a Christian for most of his adult life.

Free vs. Open Source Philosophies

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A hundred years ago, the problem was getting access to information. Today we have too much! The major challenge today is filtering out what information is truly important - and discerning what is true and what is false. The Bible is an invaluable tool in helping us make that happen.