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The following are links to selected blogging web sites with a focus on innovative 'open' management practices and solutions:
  • America's Future - A blog on the future of America: 2020-2050.
  • Future of Open Source - A blog on the future & open source business opportunities and related management issues.
  • Innovation Excellence - Blogs on innovation resources and best practices in business management.
  • MacroWikinomics - Blogs on new solutions for a connected planet.
  • Management Exchange - A blog on innovation and reinventing management for the 21st century.
  • The OpenForce - Zack Urlocker's Blog on the power of open source for business managers.
  • Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Blogs - Blogs on 'Open' Business, 'Open' Management, 'Open' Data and other topics by OKF.
  • Open Innovation - Blogs on 'open innovation' as organizations utilize latest technological & scientific advances.
  • Open Source Delivers - Striving to enable the adoption of open source solutions & processes by public and private sector organizations.
  • Open Source Insider - A blog focused on 'open source' in the enterprise.
  • 2020 Workplace - Focused on innovations and trends in recruiting, corporate learning, and talent management

More than half of organizations surveyed by Gartner have adopted 'open source' software solutions as part of their IT strategy. Nearly one-third of respondents cited benefits of flexibility, increased innovation, shorter development times and faster procurement processes as reasons for adopting open source solutions.   -  Gartner Report 2011

21st Century - Innovation, Collaboration, & Openness

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