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Reports & Studies

The following are selected reports, studies, & white papers examining the qualitative and quantitative benefits of using open source software technologies and solutions by government and its citizens:

* See related studies on America's Future: 2020-2050

Open Source in Government

"With the U.S. Federal Government increasingly focused on utilizing and adopting technologies to better serve citizens, there is growing recognition of the freedoms that open source software and open technology solutions can provide - an open, transparent and cost-effective option for government agencies. Gartner recently estimated by 2011 more than 25 percent of government vertical, domain-specific applications will either be open source, contain open source application components or be developed as community source."  - PR Newswire Article

Code For America

* See U.S. Department of Commerce software tools used to generate reports on hundreds of economic & demographic indicators for state and communities.

Open Access & Open Data

When research information is not made 'publicly available' to a global scientific community, a corresponding price is paid in lost opportunities, barriers to innovation and collaboration, and the obvious problem of unknowing repetition of similar work. 

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