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Open Source - State & Local Govt

The following are links to selected 'open source' or public domain information systems or data sets developed for use by state & local governments:

State & Local Government - Major 'Open' Systems, Projects, & Initiatives 
  • Challenge.Gov - An online platform to engage U.S. citizens in helping to solve the many challenges facing the country.
  • Cities.Data.Gov - Showcasing open data, apps, challenges, and policies related to cities and local communities across the U.S.
  • Civic Commons - Collaborative community & projects to help local and state governments build, use, and share open technologies & solutions to improve public services
  • CitySourced - A free, mobile civic engagement platform.
  • Code For America - Enlisting citizen software developers across the country into public service to use their skills to solve core problems facing our communities, cities, and government at all levels.
  • EU OpenCities - A European Union (EU) project developing innovative open solutions for Smart Cities of the future.
  • Evergreen - An open source Integrated Library System (ILS) for use by public libraries.
  • Fire Fighting Software - Free, public domain software tools for fire fighting organizations: FEIS, BehavePlus, NIFTT, NEXUS, & WFAS.
  • NACO Initiatives - National Association of Counties (NACO) initiatives related to health care, justice, environment, training, infrastructure, etc.
  • OpenISES - Open source software for use by local government Emergency Response Teams.
  • Open Justice Broker -A revolutionary open source approach to justice department information sharing between states.
  • OpenPublic - An open-source, content management system (CMS) based on Drupal and tailored to the needs of government.
  • Open Senate & Open Legislation - A New York State open source initiative involving the use of a series of open source solutions.
  • OpenTreeMap - An open source software tool for inventorying and mapping the location of trees in urban communities.
  • Sahana Foundation - Open source software projects that help in disaster response coordination between governments, aid organizations, civil society and victims.
  • Smarter Planet, Smarter Government, & Smarter Cities Informative web site with forums, projects, technologies, solutions, best practices, & lessons learned.

* Other potential free & open source solutions for local governments to use can be found on COSI Open Education and COSI Open Health web sites. Also, check out TED Talks: On Innovation & the Power of Cities

Reno, Nevada: The Chief Information Management Officer of the Washoe County Department of Technology Services received a national award for switching to open source products that helped prevent layoffs. For example, Washoe County saved $250,000 by transitioning to an open source voice-over-IP system (VOIP). Casazza's team also implemented an open source help-desk ticketing system that saved about $40,000. - For more on this story see GMIS News

A Vision of Open Government

 *  Visit the web sites of the U.S. State Governments & Territories
and the web site for City Mayors of the world. Also, check out the NASCIO web site.

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** Check out Textizen - a new and powerful, free app that can be used by local governments to easily obtain citizen feedback in the digital age