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The following are links to selected news & online journals containing information on 'open source' government information technologies and solutions:
  • CivSource - Providing news coverage of state & local government and innovative technology solutions.
  • ComputerWorld - Providing news about the development and use of open source solutions in the public and private sectors.
  • Digital Cities & Communities - News on collaboration and use of innovative digital technologies by cities & counties to improve public services.
  • Federal Computer News - Reporting on the business of federal government computer technology.
  • Government Computer News (GCN) - Providing coverage of federal state, and local government IT news.
  • GovFresh - News and blogs aimed at inspiring government-citizen collaboration.
  • GovLoop - The premier online social network for connecting the federal, state, and local government communities of innovation.
  • Government Technology - Online portal to federal, state, and local government information technology (IT) news.
  • Linux Today - News and other information on resources that the Linux and Free & Open Source Software community should know about.
  • Open Source Magazine - An online magazine addressing issues, trends and technologies like JAVA, Eclipse, Linux, Open Web 2.0 and more.
  • Open Source Enterprise Magazine (O3) - Focused on the use of Free & Open Source (FOSS) software in enterprise business environments.
  • OpenSource.Com News - News on how  open source solutions are being deployed in key industries, e.g. Health, Education, Government.
  • Open Source Delivers - News from Black Duck on adoption of open source solutions by government and industry.
  • OStatic - Web site providing news, information, blogs, tweets, and more on open source issues and solutions.

Check out some of these 'Open Government' social media groups on Twitter & LinkedIn:

* See GovSM list of federal agencies using social media.

Federal Government & Open Technology

The use of open formats, open source software, and open standards enables the government to make data freely available to the public for a variety of purposes, as well as to create programs that are more efficient and consumer-driven. Many state and local governments have implemented open technologies to better serve their citizens.   OSFA Federal Open Technology Report Card - 2011

Open Source News Clip


* Also, check out Federal News Radio - Technology News and the Free Government Information web site.

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