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Emerging Tech

The following are links to selected projects, reports, and organizations focused on innovative emerging technologies and their potential impact on governments at all levels:


* Stay tuned for more articles, blogs & links on Implantable Systems, Embedded TechnologySimulation Technology, Virtual Reality, and more.

Reports & Forecasts

* Also, see COSI web site on America's Future: 2020-2050

As government agencies at all levels bring their services online, Americans are turning in large numbers to government websites to access information and services. Further, citizen interactions with government are now moving beyond accessing websites to use of other online platforms such as blogs, social networking sites, email, online video or text messaging to get government information. eGovernment advocates, such as Tim O’Reilly, envision a coming era of “government as a platform”, where citizens access and use open government data, build their own apps, and start to collaborate directly in the process of governing.   -  Pew Research Report: Government Online

Collaboration & Innovation

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