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Portals & Projects

The following is a quick list of selected 'Open Government' information portals & projects:

U.S. eGovernment Portals

* See links to the 50 State Government Portals maintained by USA.Gov

eGovernment Projects
  • Challenge.Gov  - GSA sponsored public/private collaborative mobile app development projects for the government.
  • Citadel on the Move - A European Union (EU) funded project aimed at making it easier for citizens and application developers to use Open Data to create innovative mobile applications.
  • Civic Commons - Open source civic software development projects for local government, e.g. Open 311.
  • CivicCRM - An open source Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) foundation, project and software suite for the civic sector.
  • Code For America - Sponsoring collaborative public/private sector civic software development projects.
  • Code For Europe & Civic Exchange - Inspiring governments to rethink the way they handle IT projects to solve civic issues.
  • EU OpenCities - A European Union (EU) project developing innovative open solutions for Smart Cities of the future.
  • EU eGovernment - eGovernment projects and activities across the European Union (EU).
  • Evergreen - An open source system for public libraries.
  • Fire Fighting IT Projects - Free, public domain software tools for fire fighting organizations: FEIS, BehavePlus, NIFTT, NEXUS, & WFAS.
  • Forge.mil - Enabling the collaborative development and use of open source software for DoD.
  • Geospatial Platform - Portal to U.S. government agencies' geospatial data, services, and apps.
  • GovFresh - Inspiring government-citizen collaboration on software projects, mobile apps, information & knowledge sharing, and more.  
  • IPAWS Open - The Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) Open Platform for Emergency Networks (OPEN) coordinated by FEMA.
  • Koha - Open source Integrated Library System (ILS) project.
  • NASA Projects - Numerous open source software projects being managed and shared by NASA. 
  • OpenGeo - Provides government agencies with an open source, low cost solutions for displaying data on the web.
  • OpenISES - Open source software for civilian Emergency Response Teams.
  • OpenPlans - Developing open source & open data solutions to change the way that cities and citizens interact.
  • Open Source Labs (OSL) - Hosting a range of public & private sector open source projects, e.g. Apache, GOSCON.
  • OSEHRA - The collaborative Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance activities sponsored by the VA and DoD.
  • Public Mapping Project - An open source redistricting software project aimed at enabling greater public participation in the process.
  • SE Linux - NSA sponsored security enhanced Linux project.
  • Transportation Analysis & Simulation System (TRANSIMS)Open source tools for conducting regional transportation system analyses.
  • TrustTheVote  - Reinventing how America votes in a digital democracy by providing a freely available technology solution.
  • Ushahidi - Information collection, mapping, & reporting tool for humanitarian relief projects. 
  • U.K. Openly Local Project - Developing an open and unified way of accessing local government information in the U.K.
  • Vesuvius - Focused on the disaster preparedness and response needs of the medical community, contributing to family reunification and assisting with hospital triage.
  • Visible Government - Non-profit Canadian web site promoting use of online tools for governments to improve operations & transparency.
  • World Bank: Open Solutions - Open Development, Open Data, & Open Knowledge tools available from the World Bank.

* See Bing search of government open source projects

** Also, see open source software, projects, & portals on the COSI Open Health  and COSI Education web sites.

Open Gov Apps

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Many of the information systems and software products used by U.S. government agencies are outdated, redundant, or unresponsive to users’ needs. An agency will often procure a particular information system only to discover that another agency has already built the same system. Collaboration & sharing of open solutions will go a long way towards correcting this situation.   -   Read "Communities Drive Open Source Solutions"